Use the table of contents to navigate to the leaderboards for the various tasks.


You want your model to appear here? Then

  1. Run the bench method for the task you want to contribute to.

  2. Create a pull request with the json file produced by the bench method and fill the pull request template.

If you have a general-purpose model you might be interested in also submitting it to the matbench leaderboard. We’re currently investigating how to integrate the leaderboard into the matbench project.

If you have a modeling approach for a task that is not yet covered in the leaderboards, please open a new issue, and we’ll make sure to add it.

No benchmark for your problem?

Working on an ML problem for MOFs for which we do not have a benchmark? Please let us know and work together with us to create one! This will make it much easier for the community to build on top of your work!